My Games

Computers are cool. They can compute numbers so large that humans can barely imagine them being written out, and can be used to do great things, like finding a cure for cancer. So, what do we do with these amazing things? Make games so that we can waste our time! In all seriousness, I love programming, and I love video games. So, what do I do? Figure it out, I'll wait.

Program video games! You might see this before you figured it out, but if you did, then deal with it. Anyways, since programming things, finishing them, and then moving on with no recognition is boring, here's a list of all the things I've done! They're pretty cool. You should check them out.please


Expansive Horizons

This is the first complete game that I programmed. It is a 2D space shooter, with no particular goal other than to survive as long as possible. It is extremely simple, with a stunning total of three enemies, all with changes to a grand total of three variables, speed, bullet damage, and the ability to fire bullets, changed between them. However, I'm proud of it. It is legitimately enjoyable, at least to me and the few playtesters that have seen it. Hopefully, somebody will enjoy it. I'm only putting it up here as a form of closure, documenting my first completed project in game development. I don't care about that though, I care that I completed a game. Hopefully this is just the first of many projects to come.

Download Expansive Horizons

A Huge Fan

A game made for the (First?) XKCD Game Jam with a team of four. It's a game where you fly upwards while holding a kite, and get money for it(for some reason that we never actually explained to ourselves)! There's also some huge fans. Play or download it below from!Hey that rhymed!

Play/Download A Huge Fan